The Gadarene swine drowned when they rushed into the sea because they were suddenly possessed by demons.

They have since become an appropriate metaphor for mass panic.

Certainly the metaphor is applicable to all sorts of things that are happening at the moment – but it is particularly neat when applied to the panic over swine flu.

It is probable – because this is what happens with most panics – that the fear of swine flu will prove more dangerous than swine flu itself. After all, it seems we are threatened by some sort virus every other year – be it SARS, or bird flu, or Y2K – but we are still here.

However, we must not be too complacent: one day a virus is going to get through, and we will learn the true meaning of “pandemic” – a human tragedy on the scale of a world war combined with an economic disaster that makes this recession look like a bad day at the races.

We are assured that the British government is “prepared” – it is stocking anti-virals to keep public services running.

In other words, the public sector will be treated and the private sector ignored – as usual.

While it would be over-reacting to start stock-piling now, entrepreneurs should at least start researching where they might go to get private supplies of anti-virals to protect their families, their employees, and possibly even their customers, should the need arise, bearing in mind that supplies will disappear quickly once a real need becomes apparent.

Dare one suggest that there might even be a business opportunity here?


April 30. 2009 04:43

Stuart Fairney

I laughed (cried) at Gordo saying we were the best prepared country in the world.  I seem to have heard that somewhere before?

And he couldn't actually say when the extra anti-virals would be available, or the (pointless) facemasks that we won't get would be ready, or when the telephone helpline will be online !!!

There is truly the stench of death in this adminsitration as the truly admirable Ghurka rebellion showed

(PS Why is £175B a fiscal stimulus where as the made-up figure of £1.4B not?)

Stuart Fairney

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